25 October 2014

At A Place Like This

Not the usual kind of post that is expected on this space but for the lack of effort on my part, to dress up and produce more outfit posts(I simply don't feel like it and for as long as I have been blogging, I learned not to force myself). So I decided to share certain thoughts(this should be considered as a major life hack and how not to lose your sh*t), accompanied by some pictures of a little festival celebration. This topic is something very highly regarded in my life, a lesson that I had to learn while disaffiliating myself from the credulous self. We are surrounded by different kinds of people in our everyday life. Most relationships(whichever kind that might be) are fleeting. You'll lose old friends, fall apart with people who once meant a lot to you, casually and unknowingly just simply lose any contact. People change, priorities change and we grow up a little everyday. That's life for you. One thing that never really change is that our life somehow, is a little(or lot, depending on how high up your walls are) influenced by the people around us. It's only natural that you pick on these energy and act accordingly.

If you're not miraculously blessed, you will meet people that will supposedly(there's no nicer way to say this), drag you down. If you face a similar situation like the person behind the computer screen, sitting down to write this post, sometimes, these people will reduce you to your worst, induce nightmares that even you didn't know it exists. Thus, it is very important to surround yourself with people that influences your daily life in a positive way. Being around people that are nice, ambitious(in a healthy way) and creative makes all the difference. The effects of these people, you choose to surround yourself with, shows much more when they are not there and that matters more because the after-effect lasts longer than the situation itself. Obviously it's not always possible to choose the people you're surrounded with but you can choose, who influences your life.

It's very common to lose your way in the middle,  lose the track of the path you wanted to walk on but losing that because of other people is unfair. Everyone deserves people in their life that would make them overcome their limitations. Today, I'm surrounded by the most amazing, creative and beautiful people that I could have ever asked for and it makes a huge difference. The kind of person I am today, the continuous strive to be better at life and the things I do has all been because of my choice to surround myself with these people. So people, if there's someone(or a group) out there that makes you feel any less than happy, lose them. Life is too short to be surrounded by negative energy,

14 October 2014


Cape: Rosewholesale, Two piece- Thrifted. Pictures by the talented Jhuma B. Lyrics by "lyricscity"
Kind of rushing the writing part of this post mostly because it's 3 AM and also a little bit because I don't have much to say this week. I'm not quite sure how floral printed started making it's way into my wardrobe and I'm considering this as a phase and hoping it'll pass soon(like all good things) since it's already Autumn(no it really is and if you listen closely, you'll hear me yodeling like Rosalie Allen or at least that's what I would like to think). Currently stuck in the process of making my portfolio for fashion school and losing sleep for a night or two in that process. So if any one of you have any tips, please be kind enough to share. Any help of any kind would be much appreciated. Hope you guys are having a great week.

05 October 2014


Lovesicklilac, personal style blog, India
Lovesicklilac, personal style blog, rupsha b
Lovesicklilac, personal style blog, rupsha b
Now I have been blogging over an year and long time readers of my blog including my family and my pet gold fish(she knows how to read, don't judge) are aware of my unhealthy desideratum for cold weather.  Autumn and winter are those two seasons, really close to my heart(secondary to tea, of course), probably because October is my birthday month, then comes Halloween and then Christmas in December, these 3 months are amazing, really. So what does a person like me, who stays in a city that's pretty much summer all year around, do? I pretend. The temperature starts to fall(a little, mind you) and I try to make the most out of it by changing up my room decor, buying more candles, drink a lot of autumn/winter appropriate beverages and I watch lots of movies. That's where 'Love Actually', 'The Shop Around The Corner' and 'Serendipity' comes in. Then there are YouTube videos(Fall/Winter morning routine, makeup, room decor et cetera). I also buy a lot of coats and chunky oversized sweater to help me pretend that it's cold outside(it's not). When life gives your lemons, pretend it's an apple instead. Does that make any sense? Probably not.