01 August 2015

Florals and Metals || Ft Dresslink.

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Kimono by Dresslink*
Blue top by River Island.
Ripped knee jeans by Vero Moda.
Pictures by J Roy
Words by Rupsha B Roy.

With music festival inspired fashion taking over the social media, we're going to talk about kimonos  that is sported by 1 out of 3 bloggers these days and goes back to last year's Fashion Week street style when it actually started making it's way to the public. It's done, it's repeated and been here for almost two years. Yet some of us, are still not sick of this. The best thing about kimonos is, it's extremely comfortable, flowy, makes you feel like so boho-chic with flowers in your hair(think Vanessa Hudgens at Coachella) and pretty much makes every outfit look good. I'm really loving the summer trends this year or at least where it's headed at.

The following excerpt is from Wikipedia:-
"The kimono is a Japanese traditional garment. The word "kimono", which actually means a "thing to wear" (ki "wear" and mono "thing"),has come to denote these full-length robes. As the kimono has another name, gofuku, the earliest kimonos were heavily influenced by traditional Han Chinese clothing, known today as hanfu (kanfuku in Japanese), through Japanese embassies to China which resulted in extensive Chinese culture adoptions by Japan, as early as the 5th century AD. It was during the 8th century, however, that Chinese fashions came into style among the Japanese, and the overlapping collar became particularly women's fashion."

This floral Kimono from Dresslink is almost too perfect for it's price. The material is great, the stitching is great, the sizing is perfect for me(this is in the size medium) and the only thing I've worn thrice this week. Who knew I could fall in love with floral prints again. It's light, it's flowy and it's pretty much exactly what I needed this summer. If you're looking for a more versatile modernized version of a kimono(almost a chiffon cover-up), I would suggest you to check this out. I loved it and I hope you would love it too.

16 July 2015

Looking for an Echo

Lovesicklilac, Rupsha B

Dress from Boohoo
Pictures by Jhuma B
Words by Rupsha B Roy
Edited by Namzzz

There has been a certain wariness in my mind to talk about love for the past few years, not directly at the very least. I made up my mind about it coming in all forms and every form is just as true as the other. Instead I spent years silently trying to understand it. Love, like something I've heard of, something undisclosed and abstruse that I wasn't supposed to know, in the first place. It's hardly ever been unsung about me finding comfort in unrequited love, not being reciprocated or understood by the other person. W. Somerset Maugham said, “The love that lasts the longest is the love that is never returned”. I'm surrounded by people I can talk to and have an honest conversation with, people you can just spend far too many awful cups of tea or coffee on- my beautiful mother, my best friends. That's as close as love means to me.

My doctor wrote a line from a Kahlil Gibran poem on the front page of his book that he gifted me, 'Remembrance is a form of meeting.' The next line in the poem reads,'Forgetfulness is a form of freedom.' My best friend Anish says, there's nothing more beautiful than distance, you learn to compensate through words exchanged and letters written. You learn to let go and trust in the magic of time. I'm not sure how much I can agree to that. He also said to me,"You know what I think Rupsha? I think people are scared of being alone...they need to hold on to things". There's that certain human error. We believe more in the assurance of touch and sound. You see, keeping in mind about that particular trait. How do you stop missing someone or something? When we mature and we grow into someone different, how do we stop missing the past, the person we once used to be before reality kicked in? How do we stop revisiting the memories over and over again? I've lost enough beloved ones to know that distance and absence are not the same thing, often confused otherwise.

I've always missed memories more than I have missed people. There is a thin line dividing the two sides even if they are of completely different shades. Nostalgia perhaps is addictive. Recollection of happy personal associations is like a warm blanket, a scented candle, lemon and honey tea in my favourite white cup.  Here's looking back to memories, to that story my grandmother would read out to me back in the winter of 2002, here's to my mother and me singing out loud to Backstreet Boys on the radio. Here's to the father who decorated the Christmas tree every year. Here's to the best friend of 15 years who was also, my only dance partner. Here's to the summer of 2010, different city and jasmine tea. Here's to the guy I met at a window-seat of an ice-cream parlor, who talked about EDM  and recently told me not to write about him on this blog. Here's to memories and distance. The question still remains, is reminiscence a source of happiness or merely another form of blues?