30 June 2015


For someone who spends their time stalking Instagram accounts and fully appreciating the 'Boho-chic' aesthetic trend, all over social media(and runways too). I have learned bit by bit to fall in love with it. Over time, this love changed into a 'state of mind', where I wish my entire wardrobe consisted of crochet, lace, tassels, vintage florals, paisley printed play-suits and extremely casual cotton beach outfits. Looking back, this trend went down from Tumblr inspired clothing and music festival styling. Away from fast fashion, even on runways, there were plenty of tassels, pom poms and paisley prints. However it was a lot more polished, minimal and wearable for everyday life. This by far has to be my favourite summer trend in a really long time.

So I had to make a wishlist of all the things that I currently hoped were already there on my garment rack. The shorts in the first image has to be by far my favorite thing on the list. And then comes the play-suit which is....let's just say, 'brilliant'. Vintage florals on a black background, those are the prints I live for. It had to make it on my list this summer and the last crop-top on the list in the amazing shade of yellow(also available in white). I would probably wear it everyday. Dresslink, also has some pretty cool new arrivals for summer that you might want to check out. Let me know what you guys think.

10 June 2015

Dear Summer || Four AM


Pictures by J Roy 
Words by Rupsha B Roy 
Edited by Namzzz

 4:08 AM on a Sunday morning and I am lying on the floor of this hotel balcony. I woke up an hour ago and knew very well that I won't be going back to sleep, so instead I just lay here trying to watch the first glimmer of sunrise.  I turn my head - a maroon 5 mix-tape on my phone, a notebook, blotches of blue ink, scattered thoughts.

"Beauty queen of only eighteen she had some trouble with herself 
He was always there to help her, she always belonged to someone else"

Earlier that evening, as the car zoomed down the roads, as the alcohol made it's way to my blood and the city lights whittled into a pattern, somehow made up in my dreams. I desperately tried to make sense of things, of tranquil minds, of love songs, of letting go. The text message for Namz on my phone read, "I was careful all my life, not to trip along the edge. What a capricious heart I've got inside. What an unfaithful mind." She's probably busy, I thought, my fingers hovering over the send button. I ended up deleting it, I would go back to my hotel room and text her anyway. The car filled up with the sound of laughter and my friends sang along to the song on the radio.

"Look for the girl with the broken smile
Ask her if she wants to stay awhile"

I sit up on this hotel balcony floor, put the songs on repeat. There's a huge tree just outside and I watch a pandemonium of parrots fly across the daylight sky; something truly magical about sunrises.

20 May 2015

Dear Summer || Winter Getaway || Change

Rupsha B, Rupsha B Roy, Lovesicklilac
Rupsha B, Rupsha B Roy, Lovesicklilac

Pictures by J Roy and Rupsha B Roy
Words by Rupsha B Roy
Edited by Namzzz

"And suddenly you just know it's time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings."

I woke up saying to myself, "Another day to somehow survive" but then the realization came pouring in. I'm not unhappy anymore, the things once perturbed me weren't there anymore and waking up to a new day wasn't too bad. I was happier and content. I still have work to do and places to go and I'll be walking for a while but the constant dark cloud above my head was left, far behind. That I don't mind walking or the journey or the destination. This time, I'll sit down on the bench, watch the rain fall over mountain but I won't feel timid, crushed beneath it all. So I sat down with the piles of photographs taken back in December and watched how winter changed into summer all along while changing me and my world.

I have been so many different versions of someone, even I didn't...couldn't discern. At times, the dreamer in me deluded myself into believing that I could fly only to let me fall face down on the floor, some days the dreamer would be dead and gone. All I knew throughout was that 'change' is indeed inevitable, Summer knows my desire for change, not merely because I enjoy it. Not at all but because changes makes me feel and I'm constantly terror-stricken that I'm not feeling alive enough.

The power we give to that change into shaping us the person we're going to be or the down the path it takes us is entirely upon us. And despite all the times I've said to my friends that my happiness and the way my life works out is never in my hands, while partially in the vastness of universe that might be true, somehow I got the concept entirely wrong. Maybe it was because of the over-romanticism of mental illnesses on Tumblr or the idea that heartbreaks helped me create art. I was wrong.  You're gonna have to hold your own hand and chase your dreams and be the person you want to be and to love yourself.....in the right way.

Every once in a while, someone else will come around and make you believe that you're stronger than you think you are, they'll fortify you in loving yourself and you'll find the strength to not push them away and to let them be there for you. Sometimes you'll be thankful for the 'change' and believe in the magic of beginnings and you will know that you'll survive it all without sabotaging yourself in the process and people who love you, will be there with you all along the way. You'll realize that you may not be where you intended to be but you're where you need to be.
This is my life and I just wanted you to know that I'm a happy lil' peach....hope you are too.