21 February 2015

Pretty Stones | Lovesicklilac x Anjolee

Links for Ring 1 and Ring 2
Edit by Rupsha B
Words by Rupsha B

The only jewelry I am seen to be ever wearing is the gold band on my ring finger that I received as my 21st birthday present. Every now and then when I'm feeling fancy or when my mother wants to remind me that I do in fact love jewelry, we would take out this heart shaped porcelain box with vintage floral designs and gold paint splattered all over it and take a good and adoring look at my heart-shaped diamond rings(slow down tiger, too much hearts there for a person who scoffs at roses and other valentine's day cliches). Everyone has a side of them careful tucked away and hidden from the public eye. For me it's the One Direction fangirl in myself(well, that's not a secret anymore, I kind of wear it as my favourite scarf) and collecting diamond rings. I really like to indulge sometimes. Isn't there just something so precious about jewelries? The memories they have, the stories they convey.

I discovered Anjolee last month and after spending a good amount of time(let's just say an hour or two), I absolutely loved the designs. Who doesn't like to spend their time looking at beautiful designs; the piercing white shine of diamonds or snivel because everything is just so pretty? Anjolee, based in San Diego County, California founded in 1977 is the original manufacturer or all the jewelry design on their website such as the engagement rings in the picture above. It definitely was difficult to pick just two design since everything was pretty over there. Glad that Kelly helped me choose. All the pieces can be customized on Anjolee.com according to preference of metal type, diamond size, diamond/gemstone quality, and length/size. They also offer a great selection of gemstone jewelry with choice of several birthstones.  Take a look guys and let me know what you think?

11 February 2015

Hiking | Roads Less travelled | Tacenda

Lovesicklilac, hiking, Rupsha B
Flannel shirt-thrifted, Jeans are from Zara.
 Converse shoes, Aldo sunglasses
Pictures by me and freind
Words by me

I can't feel my hands and I lost my favourite pair of sunglasses. "In April, the leaves look like it has been dipped in red with a lot of care. You have to come back in April.", he said. A group of hikers passes us by. I turn towards him, "Autumn never seems to stop beguiling me, you know. Maybe it's the way the world prepares itself to let go. How they embrace the goodbyes. I read it somewhere but it was about winter.". Bandu drags the stick over the sand and pebbles, drawing his initial and then he smiles like he knew something uncommunicated about the trees or goodbyes. "The nature knows it better than us... the goodbyes....the letting go. Rue, you have to come back in April, the rhododendrons are in full bloom, something equally fascinating about new life, the start of something magical, the first hello." He lets out the smoke and drags another puff, "you want one? I saw you smoking behind the cottage last night, you came back and sat in front of the bonfire. You looked like you were thinking of someone." I tug on my beanie and wrap the coat tighter around me. Three layers of wolle and absolutely nothing to fight away the shiver running down the left side of my spine. I can't think about him now, there's not a time I'm not thinking about him. Thinking about the last time I replied him in one word, too afraid I might spill out a part of me if I say anymore more. Bandu walks by a little faster, "you comin'? I'll go and start on the lunch. Drop by the office at the end of the sanctuary gate. Tell them about your sunglasses."


I come back to see the bonfire is still on, everyone left. Sitting down on the wooden bench I pull out another cigarette. Maybe later..... I could stop thinking about him, the smile, the first words exchanged- do I even want to? I knew what I was doing. I refuse to acknowledge that part of me. To write it down in a paper. Lock it up in a bottle and throw it far away in the sea. The dog (Shal) snuggles up beside me and the book is open on my lap. Milan Kundera talking about Thomas and his erotic friendships; morning after, Tereza sleeping soundly by his side, fingers tangled. Shal stirs beside me. Are my thoughts loud enough to disrupt his nap? I hear a mingle of laughter and music coming from downstairs. They start singing "What Makes You Beautiful". The dog looks up to my face. I stroke his head, "You hear that Shal? Isn't that surprising, love?" He puts his paw on my leg and snuggles closer. I can feel it on my face, the chapped lips and the cold tip of my nose. 'Maybe later....maybe I don't want to'..... I think it starts snowing after a while.

02 February 2015

Way with words | Lovesicklilac x Stylekick

Lovesicklilac, Stylekick, Rupsha B
lovesicklilacLeather jacket by XYShop
Pictures by Mum B
Words by me
In collaboration with Stylekick

Having this post on hold for a couple of days now, every time I tried to type out words I ended up writing nothing at all. The feelings come and go, by the time I find a paper and pen to write them down(in hope to read them one day and recognize the feelings; endure it one more time), it's gone. "How much is too much?" From a blogger's point of view(despite how much I refuse to identify as one), you're constantly trying to keep your blog identifiable. Now you can pour your musings on paper like a drunk man or you could create a pretence of an online content creator, if you have that kind of control and awareness over yourself. I tried that, so hard but messed up entirely in the end, much like my Instagram posts. Instead I decided to write words that I felt, thoughts that completely overwhelm me in real life. Writing these specks of thoughts and randomly-sewn-words agitated me at times. Am I giving away enough of myself or is it more than just enough to backlash at me one day. How much is too much?

On a more fashion/personal style related note, having discovered Stylekick quite some time back by the likes of Eugenie from Feral CreatureValentina Ferragni or the blogging world in general, I'm no new to the concept of this app(It's frigin' cool actually!). It's a community dedicated to fashion inspiration, the place you want to be, if street style makes you as happy as it makes me. You can check out thousands of these new street style looks that are being uploaded constantly. The app learns from your choices and recommends outfit and items that fits your personal style. You can shop for your favorite items on it and even upload your own OOTD(there's the photo editing option too, in case anyone's wondering). Basically it's amazing, it's addictive and it's like Pinterest-only more fashion focused. My outfit for this post was inspired by one of the looks featuring a leather jacket on Stylekick. All of you should definitely check it out and give it a try. Or if you'd like to check them out on Instagram or Twitter, here are the links: instagram.com/stylekick/ and twitter.com/stylekick