01 September 2014


Ripped knee boyfriend jeans- DIY'ed by me, Thrifted shoes and Pictures by Jhuma B

Last week, I was sweltering, cursing that yellow round thing in the sky and overdosing on all beverages that had ice-cream in it. Didn't make my doctor happy, "eat your veggies and exercise regularly Rue"..."but, it's hot outside and I detest sweat". This week however, I witnessed fallen, almost-yellowish leaves and the climate has been tolerably windy. You know what that means? Autumn might be here and it's outfit -layering time and a happy me.

After a day of spiraling down into the pinterest vortex consisting, off-duty-models inspiration. It reflected on my outfit pick for the next day. Liu Wen had an amazing shirt on, which I couldn't find anywhere along with her perfect ripped-knee jeans. Almost sure that I didn't match her level of amazing-ness but hey, inspiration is everywhere and one should always embrace it. I was watching Matty in Robbers while DIY-ing(is that even a word?) the jeans. It's my form of saying thank you and it's also the only pair of jeans that I wear these days. I'll probably throw a coat on and wear the same outfit during winter too.
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18 August 2014


Victorias dress-lovesicklilac
I could write a list of genuine reasons why I was away from my blog for almost over a month. So far since. my laptop crashed and somehow I realized, so did I for the 26575th time. I tried to sit down and write over here but all I managed to do was stare at my laptop screen. I tried to read books which turned out to be shamelessly insipid. Even though I have a fair idea of why I felt, what I felt and despite of mentioning about it in a lot of my past blog posts, this time however the idea of writing it down doesn't feel so comfortable. It has never been easy but I never stopped hoping. They say, hope is what keeps you alive.

Moving on to pretty dresses, I stumbled upon Victoriasdress.co.uk about a month ago. They are an online store for wedding apparel and scrolling through the entire wedding dresses section, I felt the urge to pull a Monica and Phoebe scenario. There's another section of Victoria's dress that sells pretty prom dresses and look-alike celebrity dresses. I posted a few of my favorite, above. Seriously, how amazing does Taylor Momsen looks in that green dress. If I have to choose one from their website, I would definitely pick this amazing A-line chiffon cocktail dress with beaded. Let me know, which one is your favorite.

30 July 2014


Origami Skirt by me, Shoes-Forever New
[Photography by the talented Jhuma B.]
There had been these episodes of inexplicable emotions that I've faced every time I would close my eyes and there would be this image of a place(Victorian gardens and water fountains) flash in front of my eyes, an event in a familiar place that I've never really been to or experienced but it has almost actually happened. As if I knew about that place and how it smells, I knew the entire path even though I can see only one particular frame of that memory. Mostly, these memories encounter me with an emotion very close to peaceful, rather hopeful. I've always wondered if these memories are something that happens only with me and I should be worried or if it has a deeper meaning than just the word "imaginations". Tavi Gevinson wrote a similar post about it on April 3rd 2013.

She discusses the topic more deeply, including some quotes that has meant a lot to me over my course of "where-the-hell-are-these-memories-coming-from-and-why-do-I-like-them-so-much" contemplation. A few of my Google searched quotes are: "Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were but without it we go nowhere" by Carl Sagan and "Imagination and fiction make up more than three quarters of our real life" by Simon Weil. Tavi mentions a very important question in her post, quoting, "Where do these episodes come from? A past life? An innate discontentment with everything life already offers, combined with a form of voluntary synesthesia developed from an adolescence of perpetual loneliness manifesting itself in movie marathons and an inconvenient impulse to pay attention to every visual and auditory detail of every situation as an escape from the social interaction at hand?" These memories can fall under one of these three categories(or at least it is in my case). 1. Imagination, 2. Dreams, 3. Secondhand(movies/books/story telling). I have always been sure that it could possibly be the first one of the third.